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How to Start a Podcast

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  • How to Start a Podcast

    Never had your own podcast? Use this thread to ask questions about starting a podcast.

    Are you an experienced podcaster? Please share some tips to help out other members get their podcast off the ground.

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    Hello, How are you? I hope you are well. Is Podcasting on youtube a reasonable place to go? If we don't have a video, than is it customary if we had enough listeners to put on two ads
    in a 30 minute segment? For an hour show would 3 to 4 had be okay? I mean like ads from ad sense. For two people and some background music what is the cheapest equipment we can start
    with and still have good sound? Will a microphone setup do well or do we need and external recorder also? Do we need any additional software to get good sound into our computer?
    Also, is it customary for shows to ask for donations from there listeners for the show? Where should we first go to let listeners know we have our first episode that has been published?